[tlbuild] just built custom binaries doesn't contains the 'biber'

Norbert Preining norbert at preining.info
Mon Sep 7 03:28:44 CEST 2015

Hi Кирилл

Here a few comments in addition to what Karl already wrote.

> I've just built binaries from 'texlive-20150521-source' (my goal is:
> getting shared kpathsea and getting tlmgr in my system), then installed
> TexLive by 'install-tl-20150901' with '-custom-bin=...' key.

Since you didn't explain what is the aim of your installation, I have
to read my famous crystal ball to see your intention.

But let us start with a few explanations:
* -custom-bin is made for architectures that are *not* supported
  by tlmgr/install-tl
  As long as you do NOT care for updates via tlmgr, you can ignore
  that completely.
* As Karl mentioned, even if you install with our install program 
  and use -custom-bin, there will never be any updates to the
  files in your custom bin dir. That also means that for example
  updates to *scripts* as well as *new* scripts added there will
  *not* be reflected in your bin directory, although the script 
  itself will be installed into the texmf-dist tree.

Concerning biber
* As Karl mentioned, in TeX Live we use the biber binaries provided
  by the upstream author. If you don't like that, feel free to
  compile your own biber, as we do in Debian (as it is a requirement 

First some explanation
Would you mind explaining *what* you are trying to do? If it is 
linux from scratch, then there is no need to use -custom-bin, just
install the binaries into PREFIX/texlive/2015/bin/<your-arch>/

No comes the crystal ball part: So I assume that you want to do
the following:
* compile everything yourself
* AND use tlmgr to update packages.

This works only with -custom-bin and as mentioned above, you
will not get scripts or any other updates. You have to do this

The other option is:
* Forget about tlmgr: Then you could simply copy all the texmf-dist
  to PREFIX/texlive/2015/, and your home-built binaries to
  PREFIX/texlive/bin/<SOMEARCH>, and add the later to the PATH env
  variable. All TeX related stuff and many more will work out of
  the box, tlmgr will stumble, though.

> Now 'tlmgr info biber --list' says that biblatex-biber package is installed
> but not contains any executable files (only source and docs...) and no
> 'biber' in '/opt/texlive/2015/bin/custom/' which contains other texlive's
> binaries.
> Is I need build and install 'biber' from perl source?

Yes. Or get it from sf/upstream.


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