[tlbuild] Test suite failing in libs/paper

Marc Baudoin babafou at babafou.eu.org
Wed Nov 20 15:45:12 CET 2013

Peter Breitenlohner <peb at mppmu.mpg.de> écrit :
> The file utils/psutils/psutils.test (in the source tree) is an ordinary
> shell script.  Running 'make check' executes in utils/psutils/ in the build
> tree exports srcdir into the environment and runs this script, thus you can
> easily repeat this manually.  The output appears in psutils.log whereas
> test-suite.log contains a summary for all tests and the output of the failed
> tests.

In the playnup.2 file (which is diffed against what the test is
supposed to print), I have:

can't open input file playnup.ps

Indeed, there is no playnup.ps file to be found.

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