[tlbuild] Questions about texlive source

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Dec 4 00:12:05 CET 2011

Karl Berry wrote:
 >>     When I do the install from the tl-install script,
 > FWIW, I am not aware of any script named "tl-install".  LFS thing?

Typo, I meant your perl script install-tl.

 >>     The library below may be from ubuntu.
 > I suspect it is.  If you are building from our current sources, the
 > libkpathsea version is 6.1.0 (dev).

We try to not build from development sources, but use released versions.
What I'm using right now is from ftp://tug.org/texlive/historic/2011, 
specifically texlive-20110705-source.tar.xz and 

 >> Are all your binaries that use the libkpathsea and libptexenc
 >> libraries built with the static version of the libraries?

 > Yes.  For the binaries we distribute with TL, shared libraries are
 > useless.

 > (Also, kpse has never been officially released as a shared library
 > even though all the distros choose to use it that way.)

 > I believe Peter (Breitenlohner) has made the build system support
 > shared libraries if you use --enable-shared (and maybe other configure
 > flags), but I've never tried it.

Right now I'm using

--prefix=/usr                  \
--disable-native-texlive-build \
--enable-shared                \
--without-luatex               \
--enable-mktextex-default      \
--with-banner-add=" - BLFS"    \
--without-x                    \

But I'm still exploring.

 > Peter also wrote quite a bit of information since the TL'11 release in
 > new top-level README.distro, README.config, and other README.* files.

I see that.  I'll study those and get back to you if there are more 

Thanks for the response.

   -- Bruce

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