[tlbuild] Questions about texlive source

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Dec 3 23:39:23 CET 2011

    When I do the install from the tl-install script, 

FWIW, I am not aware of any script named "tl-install".  LFS thing?

    The library below may be from ubuntu.
I suspect it is.  If you are building from our current sources, the
libkpathsea version is 6.1.0 (dev).

    Are all your binaries that use the libkpathsea and libptexenc libraries 
    built with the static version of the libraries?

Yes.  For the binaries we distribute with TL, shared libraries are useless.

(Also, kpse has never been officially released as a shared library even
though all the distros choose to use it that way.)

I believe Peter (Breitenlohner) has made the build system support shared
libraries if you use --enable-shared (and maybe other configure flags),
but I've never tried it.

Peter also wrote quite a bit of information since the TL'11 release in
new top-level README.distro, README.config, and other README.* files.


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