[tlbuild] zzlib.h not found by luatex since r16968

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Mon Feb 15 12:04:57 CET 2010

Hi Peter,

Peter Breitenlohner a écrit :
> On Mon, 15 Feb 2010, Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard wrote:
>> gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I../../../texk/web2c -I./..
>> -I/home/mpg/tl/source/Work/texk -I/home/mpg/tl/source/texk
>> -I../../../texk/web2c/.. -I/home/mpg/tl/source/Work/libs/zlib/include
>> -I../../../texk/web2c/luatexdir/lua51
>> -I../../../texk/web2c/luatexdir/zziplib
>> -g -O2 -MT libluamisc_a-luazip.o -MD -MP -MF
>> .deps/libluamisc_a-luazip.Tpo -c -o
>> libluamisc_a-luazip.o `test -f 'luatexdir/luazip/src/luazip.c' || echo
>> '../../../texk/web2c/'`luatexdir/luazip/src/luazip.c
>> ../../../texk/web2c/luatexdir/luazip/src/luazip.c:13:23: error:
>> zzip/zzip.h:
>> Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type
> in r16892 (2010-02-01) zziplib-0.13.58 has been installed under
> libs/zziplib/ and used for luaTeX;

I can see it in libs/zziplib/zziplib-0.13.58 indeed.

> the now obsolete
> texk/web2c/luatexdir/zziplib/ has then been removed in r16968.  Could it
> bee
> that you have updated only part of the TL build tree?
I'm pretty sure my whole source tree is up to date.

Looking again at the gcc command line quoted above, I don't see any -I directive
pointing to libs/zziplib/zziplib-0.13.58, while there is one for the old
location texk/web2c/luatexdir/zziplib.


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