[tlbuild] time to rebuild TL

Ken Brown kbrow1i at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 21:53:46 CEST 2009

On 7/15/2009 8:08 AM, Peter Breitenlohner wrote:
> these new warnings are due to warning flags added to CFLAGS (for gcc).
> Basically they are all harmless, although I'd like to avoid some of them 
> (in
> particular 'implicit declaration') from programs/libraries maintained in 
> the
> TL tree.

Hi Peter,

The 'implicit declaration' warnings that I reported are gone now, but 
there's a new one, which I don't think is cygwin-specific:

../../../../texk/dvipdfmx/src/spc_pdfm.c:1013: warning: implicit 
declaration of function 'pdf_ximage_get_subtype'

Again it's probably harmless, but I thought I should report it since you 
said you'd like to avoid these.



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