[texworks] fatal problems with texworks 0.6.6

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Sun Mar 28 21:50:44 CEST 2021

Hi Natalia,

sorry to hear your are experiencing these issues.

On 28.03.21 18:28, Natalia Kuznetsova wrote:
> I have just updated all the packages and TeXworks. Unfortunately, I
> have no possibility to work.
> 1. It does not remember my settings, and I must configure them every
> time I open the program.

>From your e-mail, I take it you are using TeXworks as provided by
MiKTeX. AFAIK, the MiKTeX devs made some modifications regarding
where/how settings are stored, so you should probably ask on a MiKTeX
mailing list/forum if/how that might affect your issue.

To check where the settings should be stored, you can go to Help >
Settings and Resources... By default, TeXworks stores its settings in
the registry, but as I said above, MiKTeX might have changed that.

> 2. It does not open some files, -- it crashes right after opening them.
> 3. It does not make Xelatex run on files, -- it crashes right after
> compiling and seems not to produce any PDF.
> log.file in attachment.

The log files seems to indicate that there are some problems decoding
paths with non-latin (Cyrillic?) characters.
As a test, could you create a simple file in a directory with only Latin
characters (and ideally no spaces), e.g. D:\test\a.tex or something like
that? Does that work?

Another thing you could try is to download TeXworks from GitHub
[https://github.com/TeXworks/texworks/releases/tag/release-0.6.6]. This
is a version without the MiKTeX modifications. Ideally use the .zip
file, which you should be able to extract anywhere and just open without
installation (as such, it does not overwrite/replace the version you
already have, and is meant primarily for testing).


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