[texworks] Backward compatibility of the Qt bindings in poppler

Oliver Sander oliver.sander at tu-dresden.de
Fri Mar 26 09:02:45 CET 2021

Dear TeXWork team,

a few days ago I posted a proposal for a modification of the Qt6 bindings
of the Poppler library:


The idea is to return std::unique_ptr objects instead of plain C pointers
whenever Poppler yields object ownership to the caller (which it does
in almost all cases).

Now, we are aware that you have files that compile with both poppler-qt5
and poppler-qt6, and before making the change we wanted to reach out and ask
how much of a hassle such an interface change would be to you.
Would you mind a lot if we changed all those C pointers to std::unique_ptr
in poppler-qt6 (and maybe do some other minor changes)?

Best regards,

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