[texworks] Call for Help: Testing

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Hellenic-Institute.Uk
Fri Feb 19 17:49:03 CET 2021

Stefan Löffler wrote:
> Dear TeXworks users,
> a new minor release (0.6.6) is around the corner, which will hopefully
> make it into TeXLive 2021. To get ready for that, I ask you to test the
> latest version of TeXworks. It is available at the following (new!)
> locations:
> Windows: https://texworks.jfrog.io/artifactory/windows-latest/

I /assumed/ that the version offered for testing was 
but I would be grateful for clarification of this.  Now installed, and 
will use it as my production TeXworks unless something breaks, but I 
wonder if I might repeat some previous requests and a previous bug report :

  * [Bug] Attempting to save a new file as "Bundler.cover" with "Save
    file as" set to "All files (*)" results in the file being saved as
    "Bundler.cover.tex"; there appears no way to save it as
    "Bundler.cover" as desired.

  * [Requested features] Support for draggable rulers
  * Support for Ctrl +, Ctrl - & Ctrl 0 (zoom in, zoom out, fit to
    screen).  For that matter, Ctrl 1 (actual size) would also be useful.
  * The ability to open multiple source files in separate tabs of a
    single window
  * Add an "Open-as" option, within which the encoding can be specified.
  * Could TeXworks be enhanced to (a) recognise, and (b) insert if
    absent, a BOM in UTF-8 files ?
  * Would it be possible to augment TeXworks such that, no matter in
    which window Ctrl-F/R is typed, it is interpreted in the context of
    the source window rather than the preview window ? As this would be
    a change to current behaviour, it would have to be specified by a
    user preference or similar.  And for the rare occasion where one
    /does /want to search (but not replace !) in the preview window,
    perhaps this functionality could be exposed by Ctrl+Shft+F or similar.
  * And/or — amend TeXworks to /not/ steal focus from the text-mode
    window when the PDF is displayed.  A frequent usage scenario is that
    one is performing a series of search-and-replace experiments in the
    text-mode window while observing the effect in the PDF window, and
    with the current behaviour the next search is invariably a "Search
    PDF" rather than a "Search text" as desired.

/Philip Taylor/

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