[texworks] [EXT] Re: How to open multiple tex files in a signle texworks window?

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Mon Mar 2 09:36:44 CET 2020

Joseph Wright wrote:

> Each TeXworks window is quite deliberately one file.  You can point ot 
> a master file using
>     % !TeX root = <name-of-file>

I think that what Xǔ Yōuhuá is asking for, Joseph, is the ability to 
open multiple files in separate tabs of a single window.  And while

% !TeX root = <name-of-file>

does go some way towards supporting the concept of a master file, I seem 
to recall that WinEDT's "Set main file" functionality was superior in 
some respects, although it is now so long since I last used WinEDT that 
I no longer remember the details.  Nonetheless,   I would support Xǔ 
Yōuhuá in requesting that consideration be given to the idea of adding 
these features at some point in the future.
//Philip Taylor/
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