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Dear Stefan

I will answer your questions.

I use windows 10 64 bit and MiKTeX. Files I prepare separate editor which allow me organize all context.


It happens at least on two documents. Source files of one of them I zipped and its size 241 kb. I may think about reducing size before I will attach to email. It does not happens for document which uses packages cmap, fontenc, inputenc and babel. I use these packages when compile Russian version of document. When I compile English version I have to add macro


because during development I may not immediately translate to English and Russian text may create so large amount of errors, that it terminates translation. But even without this macro, text may be not refreshed on the screen after compilation. Also hyperref package gives following errors

Now handling font encoding PD1 ...

... no UTF-8 mapping file for font encoding PD1

Now handling font encoding PU ...

... no UTF-8 mapping file for font encoding PU

Even corresponding files are present in the MiKTeX folder. But I am not sure if this may be source of the problem.


I keep documents on external disk (solid memory) because I use surface. The only way to repair it is to exchange it to new one. But this may happens even files are placed on virtual hard drive located on C drive.


I do not see errors during typesetting.


I use only pdflatex.


Usually during compilation screen becomes gray and refreshes after compilation. For 2 documents which are now in development I do not see refreshing. By the way, the last time (probably about year or little more) I put attention that TeXwork remembers old document and refreshes page only when I open it. First time it was unusual for me, but now I look on this like on movie.


Aleks Kleyn

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Dear Aleks,

On 31.03.19 03:29, Aleks Kleyn wrote:

I used TeXwork to display PDF which I develop; mainly because when I compile PDF file, TeXwork does not prevent compilation and automatically refreshes PDF file. However after recent changes in MiKTeX, TeXwork lost this option. After compilation screen may become gray and in status bar I see that I watch page -1 of 0 pages. When I close the window and reopen it again, I see modified text. I appreciate any help

Unfortunately, I could not reproduce this issue so far.
Could you please describe your situation in more detail? E.g.
*) What operating system are you using? (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, ...?)
*) Does this happen on small documents? Large documents? All documents?
*) Are the documents saved in some special folder (e.g. cloud sharing like Dropbox, network share, external disk, etc.)
*) What typesetting engine do you use?
*) Are you using "just" LaTeX or additional programs like BibTeX, makeindex, etc.?
*) Does typesetting succeed without errors?
*) Does the window turn gray when typesetting starts, when it finishes, in between, later?

Kind regards,

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