[texworks] 6.3 problem in Win10

David J. Perry hospes.primus at verizon.net
Thu Mar 28 17:23:51 CET 2019

Yesterday I updated MikTeX 2.9 and got the new TexWorks 6.3 as part of 
that update.  It takes four minutes to open, during which Task Manager 
shows that it is using 30% of the system's memory. Once does come up, it 
becomes unresponsive if I open any file.

I deleted the MikTeX version and let it be reinstalled by the MikTeX 
updater; same behavior.  I then deleted the MikTeX version, rebooted the 
computer, downloaded 6.3 from GitHub and installed it directly (outside 
of MikTeX); same behavior.

I've used 6.2 for a long time without any issues, so I downloaded that 
old version from GitHub and it works fine.  I can't send an error log 
since 6.3 doesn't really do anything, just hangs if I try to use it.  
Any suggestions?  Maybe I should just stick with 6.2, but this is 
annoying and puzzling.

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