[texworks] Call for help: Testing

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Sat Mar 16 19:19:40 CET 2019

Hi Philip,

thanks for testing!

On 16.03.19 16:03, Taylor, P wrote:
> V0.7 (travis-ci) [r.d26c46b, 05/03/2019 07:21] issues —
>  1. Cannot copy version string from "About TeXworks" box for reports
>     such as this.

This does seem to work on Linux, so I will have to test on Windows.
Anyway, for the release this is not too big a problem as there the
version is just 0.6.3 and all the rest does not matter...
Also, all this information is included automatically if you use Help >
Email to mailing list.

>  1. Cannot open D:\Users\Philip Taylor\Dropbox (Personal)\Łukasz
>     Greczner\E-mails\PDF\Bundler.tex by double-clicking ('Cannot read
>     file "D:\Users\Philip Taylor\Dropbox (Personal)\Lukasz
>     Greczner\E-mails\Bundler.tex":
>     The system cannot open the file specified') [also cannot copy this
>     error message]
>  2. TeXworks / File / Open / D:\Users\Philip Taylor\Dropbox
>     (Personal)\Łukasz Greczner\E-mails\PDF\Bundler.tex results in
>     blank document entitled "untitled-1.tex" (Bundler.tex is zero
>     bytes, so this /might/ be Bundler.tex under the wrong name).

These are quite probably related to the non-ASCII Polish letter -
although I did test this a while back with German umlaut letters (that
was on a German Windows; I don't know and can't test right now what
happens with German umlaut letters on a non-German Windows which might
not support them).

All the best,
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