[texworks] TexWorks package installation

bvitaly at univ.kiev.ua bvitaly at univ.kiev.ua
Tue Oct 2 14:50:32 CEST 2018


I'm using TexWorks for some years and I like it because of automatic
package installation. But now I hit into a trouble. The journal requires
both normal and referee version of paper in PDF, and I'm not able to
compile this referee version  since it requires xcolor package. Package
installation dialog appears, the location is
but when I press "install" the error appears
> pdflatex.EXE: Host not found
> pdflatex.EXE: Data: get host by name failed in tcp_connect()
The ftp.cstug.cz is, I can nslookup it, and I can view the
empty FTP directory contents. Is the repository path changed? Where are
packages located now?


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