[texworks] Useful tool gone missing in MiKTeX

Dr A K Hannaby keith_hannaby at mathshelp.com
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Thanks for that.
But I use MikTeX (and its associated programs) to create and edit a text
file, and then use "build" - which I presume means compile - to produce my
output from that.
Does that not mean that MiKTeX is an editor in the same way as you describe
Conversely, if I were to use TeXworks, would I still need to draw on the
programs I am currently using from within MikTeX?
I think it would be very valuable if some experts like yourself were to
create some sort of table that lists what each of these programs does - and
does not - and publish such a list.
Many thanks

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On Sun, 11 Mar 2018, Dr A K Hannaby wrote:
> In fact, it may be worth asking: what are the main features that influence
making the choice: MikTeX or TeXworks?

That is a invalid comparison.

MikTeX is a TeX distribution which brings loads of programs.
The valid comparison would be with TeX Live, which also is a TeX

TeXworks is an editor. You can compare it to Emacs, Vim, whatever, but not
to MikTeX.


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