[texworks] texworks Digest, Vol 85, Issue 9 - rectangles

Martin Afanasjew martin-lists at afanasjew.de
Sun Sep 27 19:23:50 CEST 2015


On 2015-09-27 18:41, David J. Perry wrote:
> Thanks very much, Martin!  I just saw your message after replying to
> Alain.  So two Mac folks are OK, and Alain is OK using .5 of TeXworks on
> Windows.  Alain describes his version as .5 (official), but I googled
> and could only find 4.6.  Is .5 available for Windows and if so, could I
> install it without messing up my MikTeX installation?
to be honest, I'm surprised that Alain's version works for him. I wonder 
what's different in his setup. 0.5 is the current development version of 
TeXworks, but the version Alain is using is actually older than what is 
in 0.4.6. Everything that was in 0.5 back then was included in 0.4.6. 
Actually, they should be almost identical. Because 0.5 is a development 
version there shouldn't be an official release (but there may exist 
individual builds that were created at some point for testing purposes).

I contributed a few minor fixes/improvements a few months ago. That's 
why I'm a bit familiar with the state of TeXworks development. 
Unfortunately, the main author hasn't been active for several months, so 
I'm not sure who could help solve your issue.


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