[texworks] Texworks, Ubuntu, TeXlive: Process crash

Robert Hueckstedt rah2k at operamail.com
Sun Mar 29 18:35:30 CEST 2015

I have recently set up Ubuntu 14.04 on a relatively new HP laptop. I
have been using TexWorks with MikTex on Windows for years, happily. With
TeXWorks on this HP I had TeXLive installed and TeXWorks Help. When I
try to compile a file that has compiled quite easily in the
Windows/MikTeX world, here in Ubuntu I get a process crash notice. It
seemed to me to be unable to find the basic book class file, bk12.clo, I
believe, I was using, so I made sure to put these folders in the path:


I suspect all that was unnecessary, but /usr/share seemed to be where
TeXLive was looking for the ,clo file, and /usr/share was not in the
list of folders in the path. I rebooted, but I still got the process
crash note right near the beginning of typesetting. I am using XeLaTeX. 

One way or another, TeXWorks seems not to be communicating with TeXLive
here in Ubuntu 14.04.

Grateful for any pointers,

  Robert Hueckstedt
  rah2k at operamail.com

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