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Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 09:44:42 CET 2015


On 04.03.2015 10:42, Salamander wrote:
> The program asks for a backslash which I do not have on my laptop
> which I bought when living in Ausralia?

What do you mean by "the program asks for a backslash"? If you are
referring to a shortcut: those can be customized (have a look at the
manual). If you are referring to LaTeX sources, there the backslash is
very common as command character.

However, I can't believe that they ship a laptop without the ability to
type a backslash character. Maybe it's not written on the key itself,
but have a look at your operating system's key assignment of keys table
(BTW: this is typically language-specific). Sometimes (e.g. on German
keyboards), it requires some weird combination of keys (like AltGr+?).

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