[texworks] .cls and .sty files?

David Yetter dyetter at ksu.edu
Fri Mar 6 04:01:09 CET 2015

I've hit a spot of both posting a paper to arXiv.org.  The TeXworks renders the paper into perfect pdf, but when the LaTeX source is uploaded to arXiv.org their TeX processing chokes.

Their administrator unhelpfully suggested uploading the .cls and .sty files I'm using, but these seem to be provided by TeXworks.  Searching my MacBook Air, both with Spotlight and with the old-style Finder search with both visible and invisible items requested turns up no .sty files at all, and only .cls files I'd installed for a journal my last paper went to.  The manuscript giving trouble is using the amsart document class, but I can find no corresponding .cls file on my machine.

Is there a way to access the .cls and .sty files that TeXworks seems to have buried in its innards?
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