[texworks] Qt5 support

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Sun Jan 11 20:44:43 CET 2015


On 09.01.2015 12:53, Vladimir Lomov wrote:
>> If they are not picked up, that's a different problem that we should
>> investigate separately (possibly the resource file listing all the
>> translations does not get created properly)?
> Is that means that all resource files, including translations are
> "incorporated" into executable? IMHO, it is good for portable
> application but a bit strange for Linux distribution package.

Yes, they are bundled. And yes, on Linux platforms it would of course be
better to install all the resources separately, and possibly use system
files instead where applicable to give a more uniform app. However,
given that the folders vary from distro to distro (and possible Qt
version, etc.) this would require some more extensive restructuring of
the code (including the possibility to merge/override/replace/uninstall,
Moreover, it would certainly not work for the monolithic builds on
Windows, and may not be applicable to Mac OS X builds (though I have not
enough experience with that system to make a definite statement).
Anyway, all this would probably require quite a lot of changes to the
CMake files.

> In summary, I think only search for qt translation in distribution is
> needed, the rest is Ok. I made one patch, 'system-trans.patch' and
> checked how it works with CMake build-configuration system: all is Ok.

Thanks. I expanded it a little (now multiple translation files for the
same language can be used at the same time, e.g., the system-wide +
user-specific overrides) and committed it as r1394.

All the best,

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