[texworks] How to obtains and install mtpro2 fonts in TexWorks/OSX

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On 20 Oct 2013 13:11:34 +0800, tNeil.Mowbray at calgacus.com" <Neil.Mowbray at calgacus.com> wrote:

> Recently I switched from PcTeX to TexWorks 0.4.5r1280 on OSX 10.8.5.
> I would like to obtain and install mtpro2 fonts for TexWorks. The only
> match on the web was instructions for miktex: to purchase from PcTeX
> and installation on miktex.
> http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/110894/how-do-i-install-mtpro2
> Does anyone know of an on-line resource for a more appropriate vendor
> and TexWorks specific installation instructions?

The mtpro2 fonts are proprietary and, so far as I am aware, sold only by Personal TeX, Inc. (http://www.pctex.com).

At http://www.pctex.com/kb/63.html you'll find a link to "How do I install MathTimePro 2 Fonts or Lucida fonts in TeXShop and OS X (teTeX)?" If, though, you're using MacTeX (which includes TeXLive as the TeX distribution), a link on the latter page gives instructions for installing for that. 

In my own OS X configuration with MacTeX (including TeXLive), for the TeX support of the MathTimePro 2 fonts, I added to 


the line:

  Map mtpro2.map

I seem to recall that then, if you run the TeXLive Utility to update packages, it will run the updmap utility automatically in order to make TeX aware of the new fonts (which you still, of course, must manually copy to the locations as indicated in the pctex instructions). Probably somebody on the macosx-tex mailing group (Herb Schultz?) can confirm this.

Since you were previously using PCTeX but say you would like to "obtain … mtpro2 fonts" now for TeXWorks, it seems you were _not_ previously using the MathTimePro 2 fonts with PCTeX. If that's so, then please be aware that these fonts handle only math symbols. For matching text fonts, you'll probably want to specify Times as the main text font (and Helvetica for sans serif, etc.). See Section 2.2 in the document mtrpo2Abbrev.pdf, which you can find on-line at


and also, as I recall, as part of documentation included with the fonts.

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