[texworks] Request: providing initial settings from outside

KUROKI Yusuke kuroky at users.sourceforge.jp
Tue Aug 13 15:50:21 CEST 2013

Dear, the TeXworks Project Team,

I wonder how we give users an initial settings of TeXworks.

Current settings of TeXworks providing from its binary program
is not enough for most of Japanese users.  It is because
pTeX is still widely used to typeset Japanese text well.
The settings should have entries of pdfplatex, mendex and pbibtex,
which could be just a noise for non-Japanese users.

I know the program copies its default settings from its
binary to TEXMFHOME/texmf-config/texworks/configuration/tools.ini,
then an user can edit the file to be customized for him/herself.

However, from an distributer's viewpoint, this situation
is too difficult to make a good initial settings for multi-users.
Could you separate the initial settings from the binary
to text file (e.g., tools.ini in the same directory of texworks.exe)
and use the text file, as initial system-wide settings,
to be copied in the personal directory?

All the Best,
-- Yusuke.

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