[texworks] Preconfigure TeXworks Server Installation

Peter Seitz p.seitz at ks-ingenieurconsult.de
Sat Jun 30 09:49:18 CEST 2012

Hi Everybody,

I am new to Texlive and TeXworks. I've now installed Texlive2011  
together with Texworks (0.4.3. r858 (official)) as a Server installation 
on a Windows Network. The access to the binaries is through a server 
handle, e.g. \\server\directory and this works fine.

Now when a user first invokes TeXworks, a new configuration will be 
stored in the <resources> directory - typically on the local user 
profile. From the manual I've read in Chapter 5.7 "Changing the 
configuration" that it is possible to change the location of the 
configuration. Have not tried it out yet.

What I'd like to do:

When a new user runs TeXworks for the first time, he should get a well 
configured configuration with e.g. syntax highlighting on, character 
font, preconfigured pdflatex compiler, indenting, etc. as we want to use 
it in our network.

I don't want to burden this first step to a new user. He should get a 
well configured setting so it will be easier to work and start with TeX.

So I wonder where TeXworks stores the default settings which it will copy 
to the <resources> directory of the user. So I could change those 
defaults and a new user will get the right network setup.

I also wonder if it iis possible to have a central directory tree where 
we will store our TeX-templates. From my understanding, I currently have 
a local copy for every user in the <resources> directory. For company 
wide templates, this will be a mess since then we have to update every 
users' templates when we change a template or create a new one.

Thanks for any input on this issue.

With best compliments

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