[texworks] How to realize the pdftexify function in Texworks

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I’ve had a similar question some time ago.
Herbert Schulz suggested “latexmk” to me.
This script does exactly what you want...
For my use i added the following lines to tools.ini (in your texworks configuration folder): 

    [003] (<- change number according to your other entries)
    arguments=-e, "$pdflatex=q/pdflatex %O %S/\n", -xelatex, "$synctexoption ", $fullname

LaTeXmk should recognize which programs need to be run to “texify” your document.


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Subject: [texworks] How to realize the pdftexify function in Texworks

I am using Texworks and it is really awesome for a new user like me.

I have a question while using it. Can you help me with it?

In the "Typeset" function, I can press the green button to run "pdfLaTex" to generate the pdf file.

however, when I am writing my thesis I need index and references, which means I have to press 4 times to run "pdfLatex"+"bibtex"+"makeindex"+"pdfLatex". The Winedit have a function named "pdfTexify" which can do latex+bib+latex 

Can I configure the similar function in Texworks? how to do it? thanks~~~~  


Zhang Jiwei
School of Information and Communications Engineering @ BUPT 

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