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Charlie Sharpsteen chuck at sharpsteen.net
Wed Apr 11 23:34:19 CEST 2012

On Wed, Apr 11, 2012 at 1:06 PM, Carlisle Thacker <carlisle.thacker at noaa.gov
> wrote:

> The system manager just installed texworks on my machine running Red Hat
> Enterprise Linux 6.2 and it appears to be working fine.  Except that I
> can't seem to activate the dictionary.  The files seem to be in the right
> place:
> [thacker at autumn ~]$ cd /usr/share/myspell/
> [thacker at autumn myspell]$ ls
> en_AG.aff  en_BW.dic  en_GB.aff  en_IE.dic  en_NG.aff  en_SG.dic  en_ZW.aff
> en_AG.dic  en_BZ.aff  en_GB.dic  en_IN.aff  en_NG.dic  en_TT.aff  en_ZW.dic
> en_AU.aff  en_BZ.dic  en_GH.aff  en_IN.dic  en_NZ.aff  en_TT.dic
> en_AU.dic  en_CA.aff  en_GH.dic  en_JM.aff  en_NZ.dic  en_US.aff
> en_BS.aff  en_CA.dic  en_HK.aff  en_JM.dic  en_PH.aff  en_US.dic
> en_BS.dic  en_DK.aff  en_HK.dic  en_NA.aff  en_PH.dic  en_ZA.aff
> en_BW.aff  en_DK.dic  en_IE.aff  en_NA.dic  en_SG.aff  en_ZA.dic
> But when I go to the editor tab for texworks preferences to choose the
> spell-check language, none is the only choice.
> How to activate the spelling checker?
> Thanks,
> Carlisle

The spelling dictionary installation guide can be found at:


The guide mentions that, for Linux, dictionaries should be placed in
This is not the path shown in your example.

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