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Felix Wieczorek felix at wieczorek-systems.de
Thu Mar 22 15:17:40 CET 2012

Hi Hendrik,

you have to invoke the package natbib for the bibstyle alphadin

you have to set the style before the bibliography command

to compile use
- pdfLaTeX then BibteX and then two times pdfLaTeX
- latexmk which does the necessary runs for you

a working example (at least for me) is:

author = {Gardini, G.L.},
title = {MERCOSUR: What You See Is Not (Always) What You Get},
journal = {European Law Journal},
year = {2011},
volume = {17},
pages = {683--700},
number = {5},
publisher = {Wiley Online Library}






--- Hendrik Platte <boumtjeboumtje at web.de> wrote at Thu, 22 Mar 2012  
11:26:48 +0100: ---

> Hi everybody,
> I have a problem with BibTex: I want to compile a bibliograohy with  
> JabRef, but all I get is a "?" instead of the reference. As far as I  
> know the problem is that TeXworks doesn`t run BibTex  
> automatically... I tried the option BibTex in "Typeset", but this  
> doesn`t work as well.
> Sincerely yours,
> Hendrik Platte
> [...]

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