[texworks] Scripting: - Scripts - Request for web / code addresses

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 07:54:54 CET 2012


On 2012-01-11 09:33, Paul A Norman wrote:
> latexErrors.js I've added to the list of your scripts. 
> That is a pretty central script to the running of a Typeset.
> Is Stefan Löffler the current maintainer of that script in the main
> release of TeXworks?

Yes, I am (well, any maintainer of Tw is/can be a maintainer of the
script), theoretically, anyway - practically I haven't changed it
recently (I've been busy working on the pdf previewer code). The
description sounds very interesting, however, and I'll definitely have a
look at Henrik's changes.

> This sort of raises again Charlie Sharpsteen's idea of a
> Script down-loader, here I would add updater - especially for what are
> perhaps yet to be recognised as core TeXworks scripts.

In short: core scripts should be updated automatically already.
The longer story with more if's: All resources (scripts, but also auto
completion files, syntax highlighting definitions, etc.) should be
updated automatically if they weren't changed when a newer version of Tw
(which includes newer versions of said files) is run.

Of course, this doesn't include non-core scripts (as there is no
standard way to check for updates or download new files). The script
downloader faces the same problem (no standard way of accessing scripts
on the web).
Of course, a web platform (even with suitable API to query downloads and
versions) is possible - in fact that's the direction you, Paul, are
heading. What remains is the security concerns if this ever picks up so
it's no longer possible to look over each individual file (e.g., a fully
automated work-flow where a user just needs to upload a new script file
for it to show up in a potential Tw script downloader).


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