[texworks] Fink Package (for MAC OS X) TeXworks 0.3 - Build error

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 19:18:31 CEST 2011


On 2011-04-05 16:44, Prerna Atri wrote:
> Thanks for your valuable suggestions. We commented the compilation
> flag used for enabling the poppler-xpdf headers and compiled TeXworks
> source. The error reported earlier is no longer seen.

That's good news. In the long run, I still think this should be
re-enabled in the future, but for now every error that is gone is a good
one ;).

> However, we are currently facing the following failure on TeXworks
> compilation.
> /
> /
> /
> /sw/src/fink.build/texworks-0.3-1/texworks-0.3/../../../../opt/kde4/mac/include/poppler/qt4/poppler-optcontent.cc:428:34:
> error: poppler-optcontent.moc: No such file or directory
> The following build commands failed:
> TeXworks:
> CompileC
> obj/TeXworks.build/Default/TeXworks.build/Objects-normal/i386/poppler-optcontent.o
> /sw/src/fink.build/texworks-0.3-1/texworks-0.3/../../../../opt/kde4/mac/include/poppler/qt4/poppler-optcontent.cc
> normal i386 c++ com.apple.compilers.gcc.4_2
> (1 failure)
> /
> We searched for the .moc file but in vain. The poppler source folder
> for 10.7 has only the poppler-optcontent.cc file, which makes a
> reference to the poppler-optcontent.moc file, but we have not been
> able to locate the actual file.

Again the old reminders: Tw is currently at 0.5, not 0.3, and you should
really use an up-to-date version of poppler!

Anyway, I've looked at poppler 0.16.4, and the same file is still
mentioned. Makefile.am (in the same directory) lists it as
BUILT_SOURCES, so it's reasonable to assume it is an intermediate file
produced on the fly. Indeed, there are also the following three lines in
the same file:
# This rule lets GNU make create any *.moc from the equivalent *.h
        $(AM_V_GEN) $(MOCQT4) -i $< -o $@

This suggests that you have to run Qt's moc to generate that file. Why
this is not done automatically, however, is still a mystery to me.

Speaking of mysteries - why does this error occur during the Tw build?
Poppler is a dependency, but I'd expect it to be built/installed
separately before Tw is touched for the first time. Related to this: if
poppler is built as part of Tw (as opposed to separately), how is this
done? For example, if it's not done using the usual ./configure && make,
implicit rules like the .moc rule are easily missed.

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