[texworks] New features and fixes to test

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 20:56:02 CEST 2011


following up on some recent discussions here on the mailing list, there
have been some changes to Tw (up to r783). It would be great if you
could test them (Windows builds are on GC, Ubuntu builds are uploaded to
Launchpad and should be available soon, as always).

Changes to test:
 - Functionalized PDF status bar widgets - double click on page number
to open "goto" dialog; right click on zoom level to get some zoom options

 - "Help > Settings and Resources..." - new dialog that shows the
locations where settings and resources are stored; also has links for
easy access (except for the registry)

 - Test cases - PDF-related test cases have been added to svn (they are
*not* distributed with the source/binary packages, however, as they are
for testing purposes only)
they are accessible via
and there's also a README explaining how to use them
Tw should pass all tests by default (on Windows and Ubuntu, where there
are prebuilt binaries)

Specialty for the Mac:
 - I've updated the poppler patches in lib-patches/. They should work
with poppler 0.16.4, but I've only tested patching itself, as I can't
build for the Mac. It would be great if someone could try building (the
mac scheme should be picked up by default during ./configure) and
ideally verify that fontconfig is not pulled in

If you choose to test (some of) these changes, please report whether it
works or not (or if it works partially/not entirely as expected).


PS: I intend to turn most (all?) of the recent changes into Tw 0.4.1 in
the near future.

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