[texworks] 0.4.0 Release

Joseph Wright joseph.wright at morningstar2.co.uk
Mon Mar 21 21:11:46 CET 2011

On 21/03/2011 19:52, Stefan Löffler wrote:
>> Do you want new screenshots (I did the current ones)?
> In principle, sure.
> I didn't do any yet, because I don't have access to a Mac (see also
> below). I don't think it would matter that much to stay with 0.2 as
> there haven't been that many changes to the UI. But updates are always
> good ;).

I think it's good to keep them up to date, if only to show 'stuff is
happening'. I'll do a couple later today.

>> Any idea what is happening on the Mac front?
> Unfortunately, no. But I definitely want to pursue that path. There have
> been some encouraging reports on the list (successful builds), but
> somehow the thread seems to have died after that. I'd really like to
> have 0.4.0 stable Mac builds, though, and some easy instructions to
> reproduce them, so if there are people willing to follow up on the
> previous work, by all means (probably on a new thread). Of course I'm
> willing to help in every way I can, but it will be limited to remote
> diagnosis.

My own attempts ran into the problem that I simply don't have the
necessary experience. It's clear that building *distributable* binaries
is going to be hard work, as various patches are needed. I will 'wait
and hope'.
Joseph Wright

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