[texworks] [MacTeX] Call for Help: Mac builds

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Freenet.DE
Sat Feb 5 14:18:23 CET 2011


I'm having a few problems with the X11 builds of GNU Emacsen that use  
the Xaw3d toolkit (it seems that some font related X libraries the  
Xorg servers use are defective and that GNU Emacs uses inadequate code  
to handle these failures), but it seems that one GNU Emacs developer  
has access to Mac OS X and is going to debug some of the problems.  
This gives me some time to work on TeXworks builds on the Mac –  
'though I have only PPC hardware and therefore "only" Mac OS X 10.5.8,  
Leopard, without any snow.

I can also try to develop more detailed instructions on how to build  

My first tries would be to build it with MacPorts. This package  
manager has a few Qt packages, so I could iterate on them which one is  
actually needed. Once it worked to build TeXworks with packages from  
MacPorts I'll try to build and install these packages in /usr/local  
with added instructions.

Next step would be to build universal binaries, ready for sharing. I  
could also try to do the same on Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4.11?) – I have it  
bootable on an external disk.



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