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Bruno Voisin bvoisin at me.com
Thu Feb 3 10:36:27 CET 2011

Le 3 févr. 2011 à 09:20, Paul A Norman a écrit :

> ...  starting from pure LaTeX (no included pdfs) to make a pdf under
> pdflatex in Tw, what setting - and in what (pdflatex MiKTeX or other),
> causes the fonts used to be embedded in the finished pdf please.
> I've looked in <MiKTeX>\miktex\config\pdflatex.ini  but nothing stands
> out there.
> Except for this line(?) at the end:   @38e6b9a12b7aa2dce3f46e165ef1d550

All fonts are normally embedded (and subset) I think, except for the Base14 fonts for pdfTeX and (x)dvipdfm(x) and the Base35 for dvips. The Base14 fonts are the 14 fonts which are part of the specification of the PDF format

	Zapf Dingbats

(together with their Bold, Italic and Bold Italic variants), or their clones such as Times New Roman and Arial on Windows, while the Base35 fonts are the 35 fonts which were built in the first LaserWriter printers and have become the de-facto standard for PostScript printing, namely the Base14 fonts plus

	Avant Garde
	Helvetica Narrow
	New Century Schoolbook
	Zapf Chancery

In TeX Live the embedding of these fonts is governed by a boolean option

	pdftexDownloadBase14 (default=true)

which is set in updmap by running

	sudo updmap-sys --setoption pdftexDownloadBase14 true

or equivalently in tlmgr by creating a file updmap-local.cfg containing

	pdftexDownloadBase14 true 

putting this file in the local web2c directory then running

	sudo tlmgr generate updmap --rebuild-sys

There are similar options for dvips and dvipdfm

	dvipsDownloadBase35 (default = false)
	dvipdfmDownloadBase14 (default = true)

Why the default is not to embed for dvips whereas it is to embed in pdfTeX and dvipdfm is a mystery to me. Anyway, the first thing I always do after installing TeX is to ensure that dvipsDownloadBase35 is set to true.

All the above is for TeX Live. I've no idea whether MikTeX also uses updmap.

Bruno Voisin

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