[texworks] TW crashes when typing "space" with specific setup

Stefan Müller warrence.stm at gmx.de
Wed Jan 19 11:46:59 CET 2011

Hi list,

today I encountered a strange crash in TW. I managed to create a 
test-example where I can reproduce the crash everytime. It's weird. TW 
version 0.3 r726, Windows Vista 64bit.

I appended the test-file and a screenshot of how it TW should look like. 
Even smallest changes like different window width and it does not crash. 
Also the scrollbar seems to be essential. Line wrapping is enabled.

When I type a "space" behind the "$(A_i," at the end of the second line 
in the editor (first line in the tex-file; end of first paragraph) TW 

This crash doesn't really bother me, but maybe there's more behind this 
and you may want to fix this. I hope you can reproduce this behaviour as 
I'm not really keen on excessive testing right now.

Best regards,
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