[texworks] Problems on Ubuntu 10.10

Lutz-Peter Kurdelski lutz-peter at kurdelski.com
Tue Jan 11 09:15:52 CET 2011


I installed TeXLive 2010 on Ubuntu 2010 Desktop 64bit.
I had a simple problem getting TeXLive to work, based on an issue with
the correct settings of the PATH variable.
I did this change in the /etc/profile file adding the path to the TeX
binaries to the beginning of the list in the PATH variable.
Then I installed TeXWorks.
It work nicely unless I triy to acces somthing like 'dinbrief.cls' which
is in the texmf-dist directory tree.
It looks like TeXWork does not do a correct filesearch. I also checked
as many configurations file as there are mentioned in the documentation
but no luc.

To me it looks like either I missed to do some configuration or there is
a simple problem in the configuration of TeXWorks.

Any hint welcome.

Long time user of LaTeX (proTeXt)

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