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Sun Aug 22 21:25:00 CEST 2010

Can anyone help me out? 

I am using MiKTex to write an article.  Now I want to mail a .pdf file produced by MiKTeX to a reviewer. 

I'm in the preview panel, and I click on 'print', then 'print to file'.  Then "Apply", then "Print".  I get a window asking 'output file name'.  

But then...

I get an error message and a 'clunk' noise: "Could not open the file: access denied".   I then hit 'cancel', and MikTek tells me it's printing.  But then I cannot find the file to which it has printed.  Confused.  

It doesn't seem to make a difference what file name I enter.  Nor whether I print from the preview panel or the source code panel.  Same events occur. 

I'm working under Windows 7 on a HP Laptop.  Can anyone help? 
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