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Sat Jul 3 09:30:50 CEST 2010


Am 2010-06-27 09:39, schrieb Stefan Löffler:
> Am 2010-06-27 01:33, schrieb Reinhard Kotucha:
>> On 26 June 2010 Peter Wüsten wrote:
>> Because I don't see any way to translate "Scripting TeXworks" to
>> German reasonably, please consider this proposal:
>> "Scripts" => "Skripte" (in the menu bar)
>> "Scripting TeXworks" => "...verwalten" (means: to manage)
> Yeah, I guess we should go with the "Verwalten", though I think it
> wouldn't look too bad even without the ellipses (\ldots). I'd just like
> to see if Jonathan wants to change this in the English version as well
> (to something like manage or organize) before I post the updated
> translation file.

Since there doesn't seem to be an upstream change to the English
version, I went with "Verwalten". The new German translation source file
is attached. I didn't mark the "Scripting TeXworks" entries as complete
so they are easy to revisit later (they should be used in translations

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