[texworks] German translation

Helge Kruse Helge.Kruse-nospam at gmx.net
Sun Jun 27 13:13:50 CEST 2010

Am 26.06.2010 14:11, schrieb Stefan Löffler:
> Hi,
> I've been working on updating the German translation of Tw, but I've run
> into a problem I ask all German-speaking readers of this list to help
> resolve.
> Most of the new strings could be translated in a fairly straight-forward
> way, with one exception:
> "Scripting TeXworks" (found in the "Scripts" menu)


 > What do you think?

Oh, it's a little surprise, that I can use Tw localized. Never needed 
it, although I am German. In my Tw 0.3 r514 is no "Scripting TeXworks" 
menu item. I would say, it would depend on the overall style of the menu 
items. Is there any possibility to see the new TeXworks version and your 
translation. With the overall translation I hope I could give a hint how 
it could look like.


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