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Vladimir Lomov lomov.vl at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 08:28:31 CEST 2010

** k_imre Imre [2010-04-26 00:00:31 -0400]:

> Hi Daniel,

> I did what you suggested.  I  created a test.tex which contains what you wrote.  Running the Command Prompts, when I typed "test.tex <enter>", texworks appeared in a window with test.tex in it.  But there was no display window as indicated it would in the help files, as the same happened with my converted file.

> Then I ran "pdflatex test.tex <enter>", again from the Command line, and the test.pdf was generated, which I could  read it with Acrobat Reader.

> Next I ran "test.tex <enter>" again, and this time the display window appeared with the test.ps next to TeXworks with test.tex in it.  Apparently the first time running a program, display does not work since there is no pdf file yet.  Am I still missing something?

> Thank you for your reply,

> Kaya

Normal work flow in texworks (and in any other text editor when your are
edit latex file):

1. Open with texworks desired file or make new one.
2. Fill your document (with LaTeX command, text and etc).
3. Compile your document with pdflatex (Typeset, 'pdflatex', Ctrl-T).
4. If there were no errors another window will pop up and you will see
your document.

1. How to open given file in texworks. Either as you already do, or
   simply run texworks and use 'Open' in 'File' menu.
   If you want to make new document run texworks and choose 'New' from
   'File' menu (actually when you run texworks a window is opened with
   empty document).
2. You should know how to write document using LaTeX. There is manual:
   "The LaTeX Companion" (see
3. TeXworks not only helps you to edit your LaTeX documents but also
   helps to typeset them. Use 'Typeset' menu to choose desired engine
   or tool (actually they are all tools, they are configurable and you
   could see what they do in 'Edit'->'Preference...'->'Typeset').
   TeXworks could run 'pdflatex' engine on given file if you press
   Ctrl-T or press button on toolbar.
4. If there are errors in document compilation the error message box
   will appear at bootom of editor window showing relevant information
   (as it would be shown in terminal window).

Don't forget that texworks is an editor.

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