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Hi Daniel,

I did what you suggested.  I  created a test.tex which contains what you wrote.  Running the Command Prompts, when I typed "test.tex <enter>", texworks appeared in a window with test.tex in it.  But there was no display window as indicated it would in the help files, as the same happened with my converted file.

Then I ran "pdflatex test.tex <enter>", again from the Command line, and the test.pdf was generated, which I could  read it with Acrobat Reader.

Next I ran "test.tex <enter>" again, and this time the display window appeared with the test.ps next to TeXworks with test.tex in it.  Apparently the first time running a program, display does not work since there is no pdf file yet.  Am I still missing something?

Thank you for your reply,


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  I just installed (twice) miktex on my winXP and installation went on without error.
  Then I loaded a tex file which was generated by GrindEQ Word-to-LaTeX 2008.

  The program was loaded alright, with Typeset selected as pdfLaTeX+MakeIndex+BibTeX
  but there were no PDF display.  What am I doing wrong?  Please help.  Thank you.

  Kaya Imre k_imre at msn.com<mailto:k_imre at msn.com<mailto:k_imre at msn.com%3Cmailto:k_imre at msn.com>>

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  >  What am I doing wrong?  Please help.  Thank you.

  How can we know that? What you could do is to typeset a very basic file like

  hello - I am a test

  and see if you see it as an after pdflatex'ing it. If yes, your installation is most likely ok and your other file is the problem (converters usually make mistakes). There is a log-file that may give you hints about errors .....

  Good luck -


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