[texworks] Feature request: better keyboard shortcuts

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Wed Apr 14 09:39:43 CEST 2010

Hi David,

David J. Perry a écrit :
> Some of the recent threads seem to be getting into some fairly exotic 
> stuff, esp. for a "simple editor" such as TeXworks is supposed to be.  
> So I want to ask for something so common that I don't understand why 
> it's not here yet.
Agreed! But if the present development are transparent when ready, why not?
> TeXworks does not provide keyboard shortcuts for the menu bar, which 
> are normally accessed with the ALT key (Alt-F = File menu, etc.).  
> Perhaps this is not considered necessary since many commands have 
> their own shortcuts (Ctrl-S = save, etc.)--but not all of them do.  
> Unless we want to give every command its own shortcut (probably not 
> realistic or easy to remember), let's add the usual shortcuts to the 
> main menu bar and the items on each menu (with an underlined letter).  
> I think many TeX users are good keyboardists who would make use of the 
> additional shortcuts.
That I proposed some time ago (October-December 2008); but it seems that 
Jonathan is not used to accelerators, shortcuts,...
In my version of the interface (French translation, I did install these 
shortcuts, taking care not to have conflict.
But this should be done in the source of TeXworks for the English version.
I could try to do that if required! and needed!!
> My particular gripe concerns Open Recent, which I use every day.  In 
> most programs I can type Alt-F followed by a number, since the list of 
> recent files appears on the File menu.  If TeXworks prefers to keep 
> the list of recent files in separate submenu, OK, but let's at least 
> make that accessible via keyboard: Alt-F, Alt-R [for Recent] followed 
> by a number.
It would be Alt+F (open the File menu) and then R (open Recent submenu).

I also proposed to have a definition file for all the other shortcuts 
(extra menu shortcuts), file loaded at startup and editable by the user. 
For the moment the shortcuts, when defined, are hard coded; they can be 
changed in the shortcut.ini file if they have an "actionBlablaBla" key.

> Thanks - David

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