[texworks] Feature request: better keyboard shortcuts

David J. Perry hospes.primus at verizon.net
Wed Apr 14 04:34:28 CEST 2010

Some of the recent threads seem to be getting into some fairly exotic stuff, 
esp. for a "simple editor" such as TeXworks is supposed to be.  So I want to 
ask for something so common that I don't understand why it's not here yet.

TeXworks does not provide keyboard shortcuts for the menu bar, which are 
normally accessed with the ALT key (Alt-F = File menu, etc.).  Perhaps this 
is not considered necessary since many commands have their own shortcuts 
(Ctrl-S = save, etc.)--but not all of them do.  Unless we want to give every 
command its own shortcut (probably not realistic or easy to remember), let's 
add the usual shortcuts to the main menu bar and the items on each menu 
(with an underlined letter).  I think many TeX users are good keyboardists 
who would make use of the additional shortcuts.

My particular gripe concerns Open Recent, which I use every day.  In most 
programs I can type Alt-F followed by a number, since the list of recent 
files appears on the File menu.  If TeXworks prefers to keep the list of 
recent files in separate submenu, OK, but let's at least make that 
accessible via keyboard: Alt-F, Alt-R [for Recent] followed by a number.

Thanks - David 

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