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Le 8 avr. 2010 à 08:24, Paul Igodt a écrit :

> I am new to a Macbook, on which I installed MacTeX and now find TeXWorks to learn to work with.
> How can I create a typesetting-engine which would do the following for me:
> Latex -> dvi -> dvips
> Or
> Latex -> dvi -> pdf
> And definitely NOT PDFLaTeX....  (I am using quite heavily things as pstricks, and hope to finish with a pdf file.  On my windows system,  I could do latex -> dvi -> dvips -> ps2pdf    or even dvi2pdf

In Preferences > Typesetting > Processing tools:
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You can switch to dvipdfm or dvipdfmx in order to go directly from dvi to pdf by adding, on a new line after latex in the Arguments field, the option --dpm (for dvipdfm) or --dpx (for dvipdfmx). Equivalently, you can add the option (on two lines)




See "simpdftex --help" in Terminal.

Attached is my file ~/Library/TeXworks/configuration/tools.ini, which is were the processing tool definitions are stored.

Bruno Voisin

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