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Paul Igodt Paul.Igodt at kuleuven-kortrijk.be
Thu Apr 8 08:24:00 CEST 2010

Dear TexWorks friends

I am new to a Macbook, on which I installed MacTeX and now find TeXWorks to learn to work with.

How can I create a typesetting-engine which would do the following for me:

Latex -> dvi -> dvips


Latex -> dvi -> pdf

And definitely NOT PDFLaTeX....  (I am using quite heavily things as pstricks, and hope to finish with a pdf file.  On my windows system,  I could do latex -> dvi -> dvips -> ps2pdf    or even dvi2pdf

Thanks a lot for your help.

Paul Igodt
Paul.Igodt at kuleuven-kortrijk.be
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