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Bruno Voisin bvoisin at me.com
Mon Apr 5 12:14:31 CEST 2010

Le 5 avr. 2010 à 09:57, Alain Delmotte a écrit :

> I think you are reversing the original message!
> For a very long time now Microsoft Office do have a main window and sub-windows for documents (even if in the last versions the sub-windows are open each with a title bar, menu and tools bars); so closing a document doesn't end the program.
> But it is true that many people click on the wrong "closing" button. When you open a document, there are two one above the other in the upper right corner: the top one is for the application, the bottom one for the document. It is difficult to have people see the difference; further, in the new versions, if there is only one document open, the two buttons exist, if you have two or more, as they are open in own window, there is only one button which is closing the document-window; when you close down, the second re-appear when there is only one document open left.
> For other programs either you have sub-windows *in* the main window and then two buttons, or you have a special application-window and floating documents windows (like in GIMP).

OK, I'll reboot later today or tomorrow in Windows 7 and try to see what you're describing in Office. For the moment I must admit I can't figure out what these two buttons one above the other are, the only ones I remember are the three buttons disposed laterally side-by-side on the top right corner of each window, one for enlarging the window to screen size (green IIRC), one for minimizing it to the taskbar (yellow IIRC) and one (the one I was referring to, the big right button on the top right corner, red IIRC) for closing the window.

Bruno Voisin

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