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Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Mon Apr 5 09:57:56 CEST 2010


Bruno Voisin a écrit :
> Le 5 avr. 2010 à 03:01, Herbert Schulz a écrit :
>> My experience with Windows is absolutely minimal (I've been a Mac user for many years and UNIX [BSD] before that) but I've always seen people close the the file via the Close Window (x?) box which essentially closed the program. When I was working at the Apple Store it was a continual challenge to have folks nre to the Mac separate the opening and closing of a document from the open and closing of the application. I'm sort of amazed that there was such a separation with some applications under Windows.
> Same experience here (apart from working at the Apple Store!): every time I tried to explain something to a Windows user, it was quite a challenge to make them see the difference between closing a document and quitting (or exiting, apparently, in Windows parlance) an application. Even after spending time explaining this again and again, I'm still seeing most of the Windows users I know clicking on the current window's close button to exit the application, and when doing this on the Mac be amazed that (or fail to realize that) it doesn't exit the application.
I think you are reversing the original message!
For a very long time now Microsoft Office do have a main window and 
sub-windows for documents (even if in the last versions the sub-windows 
are open each with a title bar, menu and tools bars); so closing a 
document doesn't end the program.
But it is true that many people click on the wrong "closing" button. 
When you open a document, there are two one above the other in the upper 
right corner: the top one is for the application, the bottom one for the 
document. It is difficult to have people see the difference; further, in 
the new versions, if there is only one document open, the two buttons 
exist, if you have two or more, as they are open in own window, there is 
only one button which is closing the document-window; when you close 
down, the second re-appear when there is only one document open left.

For other programs either you have sub-windows *in* the main window and 
then two buttons, or you have a special application-window and floating 
documents windows (like in GIMP).

But, yes, I would prefer a difference for close and exit on the last 
document open.

> Bruno Voisin

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