[texworks] Missing TexWorks folder when installed with MikTex 2.8

Bruce Allison bandcx at shaw.ca
Mon Mar 29 18:14:53 CEST 2010

Hello Bruno, 
You are right.  The spaces in the file name were the problem.  I changed
C:\Documents and Settings\Bruce\My Documents\Practice TexWorks.tex  to 
C:\Documents and Settings\Bruce\My Documents\PracticeTexWorks.tex 
and now SyncTexing works fine.
I hadn't thought of this since the tex file was compiling without apparent
problem and since I had not had any problems using WinEdt with spaces in the
file name. 
Bruce Allison

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Le 29 mars 2010 à 05:15, Bruce Allison a écrit :

> I did download and install the latest version of TeXworks.  Unfortunately,
> SyncTexing does not work when I enter "Ctrl click" in the source file or
> pdf file.
> It does not seem that accents in the path are the problem.  The TexWorks
> program is in the folder suggested by the installer, and for the purposes
> this test the source file is 
> C:\Documents and Settings\Bruce\My Documents\Practice TexWorks.tex.

Aren't spaces in the source file name a problem? I'am surprised LaTeX at all
can process your file. Or are you using plain TeX?

There are TeX implementations on the Mac that can process a plain TeX file
with spaces in its name, but I thought with LaTeX that was inherently
impossible (because of all the ancillary files -- .aux files etc -- that
LaTeX needs to generate and read).

I wouldn't be surprised that SyncTeX doesn't like spaces either.

Bruno Voisin

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