[texworks] Missing TexWorks folder when installed with MikTex 2.8

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Thu Mar 18 16:34:07 CET 2010

Hi Bruce,

Bruce Allison a écrit :
> Hello,
> I am a new user of TeXworks.  I had used WinEdt for years but became 
> increasingly frustrated with the complete absence of readable WinEdt 
> documentation.  (Yes it has great features, but who can figure out how 
> to use them?) 
> I recently installed the new version of MikTex (2.8) which comes with 
> TeXworks as part of the installation.  After installation, I ran 
> Texworks and compiled a tex file.  It compiled without problem and 
> displayed the correct pdf file. 
> Unfortunately though, there are problems with my installation of 
> TeXworks.  The manual states that "when you start the program the 
> first time, it creates a folder named TeXworks in your home folder".  
> This did not happen.  I searched the entire hard disk and the only 
> folder with this name contains just the documentation. 
> Probably as a result of this problem, several of the documented 
> features of the program don't work.
> (1) SyncTexing doesn't work.  Ctrl-click doesn’t do anything in the 
> preview window or in the source window.
> (2) Jump to the pdf file from the context menu in the source file 
> doesn't work.
> (3) Balance delimiter does nothing. 
> I am reluctant to download TeXworks and reinstall the program, as the 
> version I have is "adapted to the MiKTeX distribution" (according to 
> MikTeX).
But still I would suggest to download the "official" distributin and 
install it.
I am using TeXworks (not the MikTeX version) with MikTeX under Windows 
XP and it works perfectly.


> Does anyone have any suggestions to solve these problems?  I run 
> TeXworks and Miktex 2.8 under Windows XP.  Thanks.
> Bruce Allison
> P.S. I apologize if this has appeared twice--I tried to post an 
> earlier version on the weekend as my first post and it did not appear.

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