[texworks] error in image display

Benny Lautrup lautrup at nbi.dk
Sat Feb 27 16:29:06 CET 2010


Bruno has shown that if one runs through the pdf->ps->pdf process with
pdftops and epspdf, all fonts are included and there is no display problem.
I have checked it, and it works. But it still puzzles me that it happened
between r511 and r514.

Will try to do this tomorrow. This evening I am going to a birthday party!


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first of all: congratulations on building Tw yourself! :)

Am 2010-02-27 11:22, schrieb Benny Lautrup:
> I have now tested that the problem was also absent in revision 511, but
> present in 567.

Interesting. Could you try building r511 yourself to confirm that this
is really a difference in the Tw code (as opposed to different
libraries, etc.)? Since you mention that MikTeX 514 doesn't work, but
511 (from what source, btw?) does work, I doubt that the origin of the
problem is indeed in Tw (in between, only wiki pages and translations
were changed).

To do this, simply run "svn update -r 511" to get the right version.
Then do the usual "mingw32-make clean", "qmake", "mingw32-make".

I guess that with your build, r511 doesn't work as expected, either,
which would strongly indicate a poppler issue (which was expected all
along, anyway).


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