[texworks] graphics problem

Benny Lautrup lautrup at nbi.dk
Wed Feb 24 13:05:34 CET 2010

Hi Bruno,

Thanks a lot for your analysis. 

If I understand you right, I should ask Mathematica to produce eps-figures
and convert them on the fly using the epstopdf package? 


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Le 24 févr. 2010 à 11:35, Benny Lautrup a écrit :

> So, we are left with the problem of the missing digits.

After quick testing:

- Mathematica 7.0.1 (either using the menu item File > Save Selection As, or
through the Export command) embeds by default what it calls "nonstandard
fonts". I assume this means all fonts but the LaserWriter 35. For EPS export
only, there is an option EmbeddedFonts governing this (i.e. "whether to
include nonstandard fonts"), set to true by default, but no other option for
embedding all fonts or subsetting them. Probably a topic for Mathematica
support or the Mathematica fora.

- After testing several EPS-to-PDF conversion tools (apart from Acrobat Pro,
that is), it turns out that epspdf, mentioned earlier  in this thread
<http://tex.aanhet.net/epspdf/>, and epstopdf are both scripts based on
GhostScript which embed and subset fonts if not contained in the original
EPS file. epstopdf, in particular, has an option --[no]embed (on by default)
to govern this. Both are included in TeX Live 2009 on Mac and Linux, I don't
know what's the situation on Windows or with MikTeX but in any case epspdf
can be installed from the URL above.

As an example, here are Mathematica EPS and PDF exports of a graph and the
results of applying epstopdf, epspdf and (for good measure) the OS X
built-in pstopdf tool:

test-math-eps.eps		Mathematica's EPS export
test-math-pdf.pdf		Mathematica's PDF export
test-math-epstopdf.pdf		EPS converted to PDF using epstopdf
test-math-epspdf.pdf		EPS converted to PDF using epspdf
test-math-pstopdf.pdf		EPS converted to PDF using pstopdf


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