[texworks] graphics problem

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at me.com
Wed Feb 24 11:33:45 CET 2010

Le 24 févr. 2010 à 11:08, Benny Lautrup a écrit :

> Now I am not sure it is Mathematica that is the culprit in the embedding
> problem. Adobe does not embed all fonts when they are proprietary.

After sending my last email I realized there's also one more thing which isn't nice in Mathematica's PDF output: the embedded fonts are not subset, which would indeed imply license violations. Here with Wolfram's Mathematica1 that's not a problem (I think the font is public domain), but for embedding other fonts you should find a way to tell Mathematica to subset the fonts before embedding.

> I am
> using pctex mtpro2 Times-Roman fonts for the formulas in the LaTeX
> manuscript, but I can't see how that can affect Mathematica, who cannot know
> about it. 

As it happens, I just bought last night MathTime Pro 2 from PCTeX after being a MathTime 1.1 (and Lucida for that matter) user since the fonts were first released in the early '90s (at the time through Blue Sky Research who licensed them from Y&Y and distributed them for the Mac). I've not yet installed them, and won't have time to experiment until next week.

There might be conflicts actually: the MathTime 1.1 fonts were built upon virtual fonts by combining Times Italic with a complement RMTMI to create the virtual font MTMI (MathTime Math Italic). That might in some way create problems perhaps if the same font, with the same PostScript name, was used by an included graphics and in a virtual font, especially if it were with different encodings in the graphics and the virtual fonts.

However, looking rapidly it seems MTPro2 uses no longer virtual fonts and the font names are not connected with Times-Roman, so that shouldn't be an issue.

Moreover, in your example only Computer Modern is used, so the problem must lie elsewhere.

> My publisher requires all fonts to be embedded, and there are programs on
> the net that will do it. But the process is cumbersome, so I'll first do it
> when my 700p ms is finished.
> It is, I believe, the Mathematica 7.01 ContourPlot that distorts the image
> and causes the display error, as I wrote in my preceding mail.

Usually I post-process all Mathematica graphics in Illustrator (adding annotations and the like), so that font issues are solved there in some way when exporting from Illustrator to EPS or PDF (and other issues are added by Illustrator owing to encoding problems, but that's another story).


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